International Naples Sabot Association


Frequently Asked Questions

The SCWSA is comprised of women and men sailors (18 years of age and up) who race Naples Sabots. The organization provides an opportunity to race at all levels. Less experienced men and women race together in the C Fleet. More accomplished women race in B or A Fleets. Experienced men are given a separate start and race among themselves in their own fleet.

The races usually begin about noon. Every effort is made to provide three or more races. The host yacht club arranges a brunch, lunch and/or dinner for participants and guests. Because of the eight-foot size of the Naples Sabots, the sailing takes place within the harbors in Southern California. The host club provides the race committee and support boats. At the end of the races, after stowing boats and equipment, the sailors enjoy socializing and refreshments provided by the host group and trophies are presented for the regatta. Overall trophies are awarded each November at San Diego Yacht Club to the top racers for the year. The top skipper in each class is recognized by a Perpetual Trophy; some have been presented since 1974.

Members of the Southern California Women’s Sailing Association include both men and women and come from various yacht clubs in Southern California. Members at large are also welcome. Average attendance is about 35 sailors in five classes at each regatta with some combined starts. Spouses and friends are encouraged to attend social events.

Current classes are Women’s A, Women’s B, Men’s and Mixed C. We also have non racing members who support our organization. Racers may decide which class to enter at the beginning of the year, but then must race in that class throughout the year, unless other rules apply.

1) Individual Regattas
Trophies are awarded at each individual regatta, as determined by the hosting Yacht Club.

2) Series

The results from the five individual regattas are combined to determine the year end SCWSA series winners.

Eligibility: To be eligible for year-end trophies racers must have paid SCWSA dues on or before the Fourth Regatta in the series. When dues are collected the members will designate if they plan to race or not. All of the designated racing members will be scored in the Series regardless of how many times they race.

Series Scoring: SCWSA uses a Low Point System. After the fifth and final regatta in the series points are added for each DNC (one point greater than the highest number of entrants in any regatta in the series for that fleet). One throw-out is taken out of the calculations for each individual. The resulting point totals determine the rankings. Ties at the end of the annual series will be broken in the following manner; the person attending the most regattas. Further ties will be broken by person getting the most firsts, seconds, plus last race (see SCWSA Suggested Format for more detailed information.)

Advancement: The top C racer will advance each year to the Women’s B or Men’s Class if there have been ten (10) boats in the series. The top “B” will advance each year to the A’s if there have been ten (10) boats in the series.

Winners of Senior or Masters Sabot Nationals or our annual SCWSA Perpetual for Women’s A will remain permanent members of the “A” class. To remain in the A fleet the sailor needs to trophy in an SCWSA regatta during the three year period.

3) Perpetual Low Point
The first place finishers for Women’s A, Women’s B, Men’s and Mixed C classes have their names engraved on a Perpetual Trophy. There must be a minimum of three (3) eligible skippers per class for these trophies to be awarded.

4) Most Improved Sailor
The trophy is awarded to the sailor(s) with the most improved racing skills for the season.

5) Most Members
This Perpetual is awarded to the club with the most paid members at the September Regatta. Membership cut-off date for eligibility will be two weeks prior to the September regatta.

SCWSA maintains a Suggested Format and Master NOR which contain Race Management Guidelines. These are used as a guide for the Yacht Clubs hosting individual regattas. These are a framework; the hosting Yacht Club will modify the document. For the specific Sailing Instructions and NOR for a regatta visit the web page of the hosting yacht club.

Race Management Guidelines | Master NOR

Southern California Women’s Sailing Association has a Facebook page where you can find additional information and photos.